Check the engine before buying it

The engine of the car is the most important car part that must be maintained and protected to keep your car in good working condition. When we need to replace our old engine it is good to evaluate several important things before buying the first one we see in the market. This is even more important when we buy a new engine from stores for used car parts.

What are the signs that might show us that the engine we want to buy is not working properly?

Firstly the sounds the engine makes while working. If you hear clattering or unevenness in the sound, the engine makes, then there is a problem. Some experts use a method that is associated with the placement of a glass of water on the engine. A good machine will work so that the circles on the water surface will be smooth and continuous.

A very important thing to do is to start the car in which the engine is installed. A regular trick of used car parts traders is to start the car before us and thus offer us warmed engine which works quite well and mislead you. To prevent this trick you simply need to touch the engine. If it’s cold, it’s all right. However, if it is warm, the car parts trader is trying to deceive us.

When you start your car with the engine you want to buy, let it run for a few minutes and then press the accelerator to the red zone. Look at the smoke coming out of the exhaust. If it is black, it is not good burning. If it is too white then the engine is burning oil.

Of course, these are just some of the things you should consider before you go to the car parts store and purchase a used engine. This is why the best option is to make an assessment of the performance of the engine with a friend who knows a lot about automotive engines.

This will guarantee you that you will not buy a not so good used engine.